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Solar Panel Price in Noida

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Solar panels are a blessing in disguise for developing and developed countries. It is rising as a cost and energy-efficient tool in the world. India is one of those countries that thinks solar panels, a way to maintain sustainability. One of the largest states in India, Uttar Pradesh, is encouraging solar plantation in its various cities like Noida, Ghaziabad, Lucknow etc.

That is why the Uttar Pradesh government has started schemes to offer affordable solar panel price in Noida. Noida is a hub of corporates that consumes more electricity than any other city in Uttar Pradesh. Installation of the solar panel is the best option to fulfil the needs of corporations. It helps to produce clean energy at an economical price. So, it is an asset for commercial industries in Noida. We know that every business wants profit which is only possible by minimizing the cost. Investing in solar panels will help businesses to achieve their benchmark of profit.

Do you know?

Still, there are places across the world that do not have access to electricity. In that situation, if we are getting the cleanest form of energy,  then no one is luckier than us. Along with this, solar energy is a renewable source of energy that comes as a better alternative for non-renewable energy sources. What do you want apart from using clean energy at the best solar panel price in Noida? It also saves the environment from poisonous gases released by producing electricity from fossil fuels like Kerosene, Coal etc. So, Isn’t it good to invest in solar panel installation in Noida rather than putting money into overcoming pollution caused by non-renewable resources? While producing energy from solar panels, we only need sunlight available in abundance. It avoids releasing harmful gases in the surrounding. Are you still confused about the solar panel price in Noida and its installation benefits?

Here we have listed the benefits of using solar panels.

Benefits of Using Solar Energy in the Best Solar Panel Price in Noida

1. The best thing about installing solar panels in any city of India is that the entire country receives enough sunlight throughout the day annually except at night. We can use electricity saved at the grid or in the battery for night. Isn’t it good to get clean energy throughout the day? Of course, it is. It also improves your health in a good way.

2. Solar panel price in Noida is the most reasonable one. Also, solar plant installation in Noida offers you huge savings on monthly bills. That makes it a cost-efficient approach.

3. Solar panel installation is a reliable investment because you can evaluate its power-producing cost even for succeeding years. It is not possible while using electricity from the government or private sector.

4. You get subsidies on solar panel prices in Noida under an initiative by the government to promote solar panel installation in Noida. A subsidy is a great help for people who find it expensive to invest in solar panels.

5. The solar panel price in Noida is reasonable as rural people can use green energy through solar panel installation.

6. Solar panel installation in Noida plays a role in keeping the city clean as it does not create pollution and wastages.

7. Solar panel installation does not require additional space.

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Subsidy on Solar Panel Price in Noida

Uttar Pradesh, the largest state in India, has the highest solar power-producing capacity. To achieve this goal, the Uttar Pradesh government offers subsidies on the solar panel price in Noida, Ghaziabad, Lucknow and other cities. Not only this, the state is looking forward to establishing solar plants in different parts of UP. According to the sources, Uttar Pradesh comes at number seven in solar power-producing capacity.

So, you can understand the essence of solar plant installation in Noida.

Let us talk about the government subsidy!

To reduce the burden of solar panel prices in Noida and other cities, the state government offers a subsidy of Rs 15,000 per kW on rooftop solar plant installations.  It is available only for people living in Noida. The government has set a goal to produce at least 10,700 MW of solar power in 2022. It includes a minimum of 4300MW from rooftop solar plantations. To set up solar plants for housing societies that have a capacity between 10kW to 100kW, the government will offer subsidies as follows:

  • Capacity up to 3 kW-: 40 per cent subsidy
  • Above 3 kW- 20 per cent subsidy.

Note-: subsidy on residential properties rooftop solar plant installation is available only up to 10 kW.

Process to Get Subsidy on Solar Panel Price in Noida

It is a two-step process that includes the following:

  1. Apply to online or offline solar plant installation in compliance with the state guidelines.
  2. Get in touch with a solar power distribution company known as DISCOM

If you are looking for solar panel installation in Noida, you can get the DISCOMs list here. Currently, there are the following DISCOMs available in Noida:

  • Noida Power Company Limited
  • Paschimanchal Vidyut Vitran Nigam Ltd((PVVNL), Noida
  • P. Power Corporation Ltd.

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