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Solar Panel Company in Faridabad

Solar energy is a hot topic that questions us for considering only non-renewable energy resources to run daily appliances. However, most people still need to understand that non-renewable resources are depleting rapidly. So, this is high time for us to find an alternative energy source. This makes solar energy a most trending concept among residential and commercial electricity users. Whether developing or developed countries, the need for solar panel companies has increased significantly. India is one of the developing countries that encourages solar energy use countrywide. One of its examples is Faridabad, a district in Haryana, India. With time the solar panel company in Faridabad has increased its demand tremendously. Every solar company in Faridabad is setting an example of how solar energy can contribute to the well being of the nation. Apart from this, non-renewable resources are limited in quantity. If we continue to use those resources at the present rate, they may not be available for our upcoming generation. Further, it necessitates the sustainable use of limited resources. Solar energy not only helps run household appliances but also offers various benefits. Clean energy, low electricity bills, and continuous power supply are all benefits of it. If you are interested to know more about solar energy, then ARC Renewables is a renowned solar panel company in Faridabad that can fulfil your curiosity. Our team has enough enthusiasm and dedication to serve our clients to excellence.

The Demand for A Solar Company in Faridabad

The demand for a solar panel company in Faridabad is high. It is one of the most populous cities in the state of Haryana. The reason is, most people have their homes there whereas some go there for work purposes. Residential and commercial demand for power is high in Faridabad. It is a warning sign for corporate companies to join hands with a solar company in Gurgaon before they run out of electricity. Along with this, Solar panel installation in Faridabad will prevent causing harm to the environment. Electricity cost reduction for commercial and residential owners and pollution reduction in the environment make solar panels a boon for the world.


Why Choose ARC Renewables as a Solar Panel Company in Faridabad?

As an excellent solar panel company in Faridabad, we work with a team of experts to meet project deadlines. At ARC Renewables, offering the best result to our clients is what drives our team efforts.  Being a leading solar company in Faridabad, we cover almost all kinds of solar panels installation services. With the support of our hardworking team, we deliver high-quality solutions using the latest technology at an affordable price. We develop solar panel solutions that fulfil the needs of all kinds of businesses.  Through solar panel installation in Faridabad, we help our clients to save on their electricity bills. We do this by developing the best and most effective solar panels. Being a leading solar panel company in Faridabad, we diligently comply with the national and international quality standards for solar panels. We believe in delivering a trustable and long-lasting solar solution to our clients. If you are still not sure about the service of a solar panel company in Faridabad, here we have listed some advantages of solar panels.

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Advantages of Solar Panel Installation in Faridabad

  • Excellent alternative for non-renewable resources like coal, oil, gases etc
  • Solar panels produce clean energy.
  • Solar panel installation does not need additional space.
  • It does not disturb the environmental balance.
  • Solar panels do not pollute the environment by releasing harmful gases.
  • It saves much of the electricity cost.
  • So, investment in solar panels is worth your money.

What Do We Offer

  • Best Solar Panel System Consultation
  • Site Audit as per your comfort
  • On-time Customer Grievance Resolution
  • After Installation Solar System Energy Analysis
  • After Installation Maintenance Service
  • Solar Panel System at Affordable Price.
  • Solar Panel Installation in Faridabad, Gurgaon, Delhi NCR, NOIDA and Ghaziabad.

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Subsidy for Solar Panel Company in Faridabad

Looking at the essence of a solar panel company in Faridabad, the Haryana government is offering a subsidy of 30 percent of the predicted cost or 20000/- per kW, whichever is less. The above subsidy amount includes a contribution by CFA(central financial assistance) under MNRE( Ministry of renewable energy ) Please note that the subsidy is only available for on-grid solar systems with a capacity of 1 kW to 500 kW. The introduction of subsidies has encouraged businesses to open a solar panel company in Faridabad. Also, residents cut down the cost of heavy electricity bills. The Haryana government introduced a scheme under which farmers can benefit from the subsidy. As per the notification, farmers will get a 40 per cent subsidy depending on the kW capacity of the solar inverter. This step was necessary to make the farmers financially stable. For a nation like India, Farmer is the core strength. So, it is necessary to help them grow as much as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Solar panels produce power by trapping sunlight in the form of direct currents. The solar panel system consists of a solar inverter that turns the direct current(DC) into alternating current(AC). That current we use to run power appliances at our home.

Every solar panel company in Faridabad knows their customer well. They are in a position to design or develop solar panels that do not make your house look dull. At ARC Renewables, our team breaks all the limits to bring the best solar panel designs for rooftop installation. We make sure that our solar panel installation takes less to less time.

Utility pay differs from region to region. It depends on the rules and regulations prevailing in an area. For example, In Rajasthan, the utility pay rate is approx. Rs6.8 per unit.

Yes, there is a limit. No household owner can generate more than 80 per cent of the electricity load appliance in their homes.

Solar companies in Faridabad offer various types of solar systems. One of them is an on-grid solar system. It is a grid-tied system that stores excess solar energy at the utility grid. Also, the owner of an on-grid solar system can sell unused energy to electricity companies.


It uses a net metering technique to record the energy produced and consumed at the end of the month. Although an on-grid solar system is a good and affordable option, it may not provide service when the grid is down.

Apart from health benefits, solar energy has several financial benefits. Some of them are following:

  • It saves a good amount on monthly electricity bills
  • It is eligible for tax benefits and subsidies from the government.

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