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Solar Panel Company in Gurgaon

Going green is a thriving concept that promotes solar panel installation for clean energy. Many countries like the USA, Japan, India, New Zealand etc., accepted the essence of solar energy for sustainable living. For developing countries like India, solar panels are proving a new source of maximizing revenue. One of the strong examples is Gurgaon, a city in the Haryana state of India. Gurgaon is the hub of IT businesses finding ways to save the cost of energy involved in running offices. Continuous innovation in Gurgaon attracted the attention of various MNCs whose daily energy demand is high. The use of conventional resources to meet those demands increases the cost for businesses. In this scenario, every solar panel company in Gurgaon has proved an unexpected help for power-consuming corporations. Not only this, but rapid housing development has also paced up the annual energy demand in Gurgaon. It further made the solar panel installation in Gurgaon the need of the hour. The Haryana government is also encouraging its residents, commercial industries and business owners to use solar energy for most of their energy needs. Along with this, the government has aimed to reach its full potential of  5GWp(according to MNRE and NISE).

It is possible only with the support of each solar company in Gurgaon as it is the largest district of Haryana.

Individually Gurgaon has a solar panel installation capacity of 20MWand most of them are rooftop installations. So, we can assume that soon the government will turn their aim of solar power generation into an achievement. If you are also browsing the web for the best solar panel company in Gurgaon, then you are at the right place. At ARC Renewables, we bring the best solar power solutions to your door. Whether you need it for your home or the office, we cover all your needs. Being a leading solar panel company in Gurgaon, we make you use renewable and the most efficient energy resources. Our dedicated team provides all the services like EPC(engineering, Procurement and Construction) as per your requirement. We make sure that you enjoy cost-cutting on your monthly electricity bills. In short, we offer a one-stop solution for your day to day energy requirements which is also good for the environment. Why do we deplete non-renewable sources of energy when we have an alternative in abundance? Why not make the best use of solar energy by availing services from a solar panel company in Gurgaon? We believe that solar energy is the way to secure limited resources for present and upcoming generations. Particularly in India, where coal reserves are losing their strength day by day, solar panel companies have become the utmost need. Regarding this, Haryana has decided to make the best use of the amount of sunlight, it receives every day. The government has joined hands with solar companies in Gurgaon and offers subsidies to eligible companies. It is one of the best steps taken by the Haryana government to promote the use of solar energy.

Why ARC Renewables as A Solar Panel Company in Gurgaon?

Heavy electricity bills and depletion of non-renewable resources is an issue for residents and commercial industries in Gurgaon. Solar power introduction has been considered a solution to it. Solar panel installation: Not only reduces the electricity bill but also prevents the depletion of non-renewable resources. As a pioneering solar company in Gurgaon, ARC Renewables offers you world-class, exceptional and cost-friendly solutions that match every business electricity requirement. Not only this, we provide step by step guidance from designing to final installation. We believe in giving our clients the best out of solar panels and building long-lasting relationships with them. If you are still confused about the installation of solar panels, here are the services we offer to you:

The Services We Offer
  • Best Consultations Beginning to End for Solar Rooftop Installation
  • Customized Solar Panel Solutions
  • Site Analysis at a time that client suggests
  • Professional team to understand exact solar panel requirements of clients
  • On-time inspection of energy flow
  • Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Rooftop Installation
  • Maintenance services that make the solar panels long-lasting.
  • Affordable prices for solar panel installation services
  • Real-time and dedicated customer support
  • Instant query resolving

So, Avail services from the best solar panel manufacturers in Gurgaon. By solar panel installation in Gurgaon, we contribute to the betterment of our nation.

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Subsidy to Solar Panel Company in Gurgaon

Considering solar panel installation in Gurgaon a need of the hour, the Haryana government initiated various subsidy schemes. Every solar panel company in Gurgaon that fulfils the criteria can grab this opportunity. The government efforts did not go in vain, and it increased the number of rooftop solar PV installations. Not only this, the government, businesses, and residents of Haryana also noticed the savings they made in their electricity bills. It has cut down electricity costs by 20 to 30 per cent which is not an ignorable thing. Solar companies in Gurgaon provide guaranteed savings in your bills as long as the solar panel lasts. For Instance, On an electricity bill of Rs10000, you can save between Rs 2000 to Rs 3000. That means, in 25 years it saves you huge money that you can spend somewhere else.

The cost of solar panels is a one-time investment that gives us benefit for its lifetime. Also, it offers an ROI between 20 to 30 per cent. For residents, SECI (Solar energy corporations of India) offers a 30 per cent subsidy on estimated cost or 17000 kWp, whichever is less. For farmers, the subsidies are available up to 40 per cent depending on the solar inverter capacity in watts. Seeing the essence of the solar panel company in Gurgaon, we have listed some advantages of using solar panels.

Advantages of Solar Panel Installation in Gurgaon
  • A solar panel is an excellent option to use in place of non-renewable sources of energy like coal, gas, oils etc.
  • The energy produced by solar panels is the cleanest form of energy that does not cause pollution.
  • It does not require additional space. You can go for rooftop solar PV plantations.
  • It works in harmony with nature.
  • It does not exert harmful gases in the environment.
  • Solar panels save a large amount of money on monthly electricity bills.

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We can apply solar panels for the following:

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