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Solar Panel Company in Ghaziabad

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Solar Panel Company in Ghaziabad

Ghaziabad is one of the largest cities in Uttar Pradesh(the state in India). Housing a population of above 17 lakhs, this city has the highest power demand. Currently, it accomplishes most of its power demand using coal and other non-renewable resources. The world has started experiencing a shortage of non-renewable resources for power generation. It is a sign that we need an alternative source of energy. Here solar energy comes into the picture. Solar energy is a renewable energy that we get from the sun. Good sunlight can solve the power supply problem to a great extent. For big cities like Ghaziabad, solar panels are a wonder.

Now the question is how we can get solar energy in Ghaziabad? 

Solar panel company in Ghaziabad is the answer. If your location receives good sunlight throughout the year, then make it a blessing for you. Solar panel installation not only saves non-renewable resources but also reduces pollution. So, if you are tired of paying heavy electricity bills, consider using a solar panel system from a reliable solar panel company in Ghaziabad. ARC Renewables is a renowned solar panel company in Ghaziabad that provides exceptional solar panels in its client budget. Implementing a highly advanced technology, we add innovation to our solar products.  At ARC Renewables, we offer service at affordable prices to include you in our goal to make the environment pollution-free. As Ghaziabad is a polluted city, it is a must to consider solar plant installation here. It can prove a step towards a reduction in global warming. The best use of renewable energy and low electricity bills drives the efforts of our team. Being the best solar panel company in Ghaziabad, we conduct continuous research to discover high quality and cost-effective solar panel solutions. As a result, it became possible for our clients to get relief from the burden of heavy monthly bills. We understand that you are looking for more in less price. Our solar panel system fulfills that desire of yours.  In contrast to solar energy, power generation using depleting resources releases harmful gasses into the environment. It ultimately affects our well being. So, why not use a source of energy that gives us both financial and health benefits?

Solar energy is a

  • The purest form of energy
  • Renewable energy that is neverending
  • Beneficial energy to maintain environmental balance
  • The energy that contributes to improved health conditions
  • Long-lasting and affordable energy

The UP government has noticed the advantages of solar panels and taken initiatives to encourage them. The Uttar Pradesh government offers subsidies to a solar panel company in Ghaziabad. So, there is no reason left for not installing a solar panel. You must want to know about the subsidy for a solar company in Ghaziabad.

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Subsidy to Solar Panel Company in Ghaziabad

Considering solar energy as the best alternative to power production, the state government has declared a subsidy scheme for the solar panel company in Ghaziabad. Under this initiative, the solar companies will get financial assistance of 15000 kW on eligible solar panels. Only residents in Ghaziabad can benefit from this assistance. The UP government has decided to complete a 10,700 MW solar power capacity plantation by the end of 2022. Under this 4300 MW will be from solar PV(photovoltaic) rooftop installation.

Why ARC Renewables As a Solar Company in Ghaziabad?

ARC Renewables is a well known solar panel company in Ghaziabad that provides highly advanced and cost-effective solar panel installation to its clients. Whether you need an on-grid solar system or an off-grid solar system, we do our best to cover all your needs. Being the best manufacturers of solar panels in Ghaziabad, we have

  • A qualified team for smooth solar panel installation
  • Reliable customer support that offers real-time assistance to our clients
  • Collection of advanced and durable solar products
  • Competence and year of technical expertise in solar panel installation

So, choosing ARC Renewables as your solar panel partner will never let you down. We can take care of any hurdles that fall our way. With our dedicated team, we make even the impossible possible for you.  We expect that you relish solar energy and leave the rest to us.

Top Solar Brands to choose From

Why is The Solar Panel Company in Ghaziabad in Demand?

Ghaziabad is either home or workplace for many that make it populated. So, it is clear that Ghaziabad has a high demand for power that non-renewable sources can not handle alone. It increases the demand for solar panel companies in Ghaziabad. The government believes that solar panel installation in Ghaziabad will manage the power demand and reduce the electricity bill at the same time. Also, a solar company in Ghaziabad solves the concern about high pollution in the city. Currently, most people use electricity produced by coal, oil and gases. They increase both bills and pollution. So, no point left in sticking with the conventional source of energy. Therefore choosing solar panel installation is the only option left with the city. It is wise to choose a source of energy that maintains the power supply, reduces bills and works in harmony with nature. That is why ARC Renewables, a solar panel company in Ghaziabad, contributes to nation-building by providing excellent solar products to its customers. We follow a live-happily approach.

Frequently Asked Questions

Solar panels have multiple applications, and some of them are following

  • Solar water heating
  • In residential buildings for heating
  • For distillation to separate freshwater from the sea
  • To operate water pump in the fields
  • To cook food
  • To dry a product
  • Solar heating to improve room temperature
  • As an alternative to electricity
  • To produce thermal energy

Solar panel companies provide solar plant installation services that are important because of the following reasons:

  • They produce clean energy using sunlight. That energy we know as solar energy.
  • It reduces the emission of greenhouse gases(that create pollution)
  • Reduces the use of non-renewable energy sources
  • Offer energy that also contributes to people’s health.

So, a solar panel company in Ghaziabad contributes to the abovementioned things.


Solar panel installation benefits the economy in several ways.

  • The foremost benefit of solar panel installation is it reduces the monthly bills to a great extent.
  • It is a one-time investment and offers to save for a lifetime.
  • It is eligible for tax incentives and subsidies from the government.

When your location gets good sunlight, a solar panel can generate three hundred watts every hour. It means that if your house gets sunlight for 9 to 10 hours, it can generate power of around 2700 to 3000 watts in a day.

Solar panel companies are the need of the hour for the world. Nowadays, many businesses are taking interest in solar panel installation services. Here are some of the exceptional solar panel companies for 2022

  • LG-: Exceptional in every way
  • Panasonic-: it is known for its outstanding temperature coefficient
  • Canadian Solar-: Popular for budget-friendly solar solutions.
  • SunPower-: It is in demand for energy-efficient features.
  • Silfab: Renowned for warranty.
  • Mission Solar-: Comes on top in small solar panel dealer
  • Trina Solar-: Worth your money
  • Q Cells-: Always in top choice of users
  • Mission Solar-: Best Small Manufacturer.

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