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Canadian Solar Panel

Empowering the world with sustainable solar energy
solar panel company in gurgaon

First founded in Ontario in 2001, Canadian Solar Panel is a pioneering solar panel company. It has gained a presence in over 24 countries located on 6 continents. Not only this, Canadian solar has around 17 engineers set up in Asia and America. Currently, shipped over 63 GW solar panels, the Canadian solar panel comes in the top brands in India or abroad. It  is operating 3 GW solar panels in India that comes in the following types:

  • HiKu MONO
  • HiKu Series
  • KuMax Series

Get it at the best Canadian solar panel price. The Canadian solar panel hides a dream of Dr Shawn Qu for a cleaner earth. He promoted sustainable development to light up lives by distributing the wisest energy source. Currently, Canadian solar has grown as successful solar photovoltaic panel manufacturers worldwide. When it comes to choosing the best solar brand, Canadian solar remains on the top of the list of customers.  It provides value for money that makes it highly reliable among customers.

Canadian solar panel price and compliance with quality standards make it a profitable investment. It provides excellent return on investment (ROI). Canadian solar works to keep the cost minimal from the design to final installation. So, it is the best choice for both industrialists and commercialists. The Canadian solar panel allows them to extend their business and manufacturing capacity using the latest technologies. Studies show that the Canadian solar company has gained excellence in very little time. If it continues doing so, it will surely achieve its goal of green earth sooner. It comes in various types that make it more convenient for customers.

Some of the types are following:

Types of Canadian Solar Panel

Canadian solar is making a revolution in the solar panel industry. With an aim to create a sustainable living, it has launched various advanced solar panels. Some of them are following:

Canadian Solar HiKu7 Mono Perc

HiKu7 is the best Canadian solar panel that is a perfect combination of 5 solar cells, 4 PV panels, and trustworthy technologies. It is the best option for

  • High power-producing capacity
  • Maximized security and trustworthiness
  • Minimized Levelized cost of energy(LCOE) of panels

The maximum power-producing capacity of the best Mono Perc panel is over 600 Wp. The panels come with a capacity of 590 Wp to 605 Wp have 12 years product warranty and 25 years performance warranty.  So, we can assume that Canadian solar HiKu7 Mono Perc is a reliable and durable product of Canadian solar.

Advantages of HiKu7 Mono PERC

  • Power producing capacity over 600 W
  • High energy efficiency up to 21%
  • Minimal LCOE and product cost.
  • Perform well in low light weather
  • Reliable against micro-fractures
  • Reduced degradation rate
  • Reduced temperature coefficient

Canadian Solar HiKU MONO PERC

The Canadian solar company also produces the HiKu MONO Perc module capacity between 430 WP and 455 WP. In the chain of Mono PERC panels, this panel produces the maximum power that ultimately reduces the installation cost. If you are limited in space and looking for a grid-tied solar panel, it is the best option for you. Canadian Solar HiKU MONO PERC provides a power output of 450 Wp and offers a 12-year product warranty and 25 years performance warranty. It ultimately assures you that it is a long-lasting product that you can trust.

Advantages of HiKU MONO PERC

  • Solar panel efficiency is up to 20%
  • Produce 25 per cent additional energy compared to traditional panels.
  • Reduced LCOE and solar system cost
  • Perfect NOCT
  • Continuous service even in cloudy weather.
  • Reduced temperature coefficient

Canadian Solar HiKU MONO PERC

Hiku is the Canadian solar panel that brought poly modules capacity over 400 W. In a short time, it has gained recognition as one of the highest power producing modules in the solar market. With a perfect mix of remarkable design and latest technology, it keeps the Levelized cost of energy and installation minimal for users.

Advantages of HiKU POLY PERC

  • Solar panel efficiency over 20 per cent
  • Produce additional power than traditional solar panels.
  • Reduced LCOE and solar product cost
  • Minimum NCOT
  • Excellent performance in low shade
  • Reduced temperature coefficient

Canadian Solar KuMax Solar Panel

KuMax is a type of polycrystalline solar panel. It comes with the latest solar panel design that uses Low Internal Current (LIC) technology. Experts say that it is a future generation solar panel that consists of 144 solar cells. With years of experience in panel manufacturing, KuMax(350 Wp- 365 Wp) brings excellence in design, quality and testing.

Advantages of KuMax

  • High power-producing capacity
  • Best energy efficiency over 18 per cent
  • Best performance in low shade
  • Less temperature coefficient
  • Low NCOT
  • 10-years warranty on the product
  • 25-years warranty on performance
  • Multiple busbar cells for additional efficiency
  • Advanced aluminum frame for better protection
  • It uses MC4 connectors.
  • Excellent power tolerance.

Features of Canadian Solar

  • It offers a 12 years warranty on the product.
  • 25 years warranty on solar panel performance.
  • It comes with multiples of solar cells.
  • Canadian solar performs well even in low light levels.
  • Secure and reliable against micro fractures.
  • Uses the latest technology in the industry
  • It consists of 9 busbars cells.
  • It can resist all weather conditions.

Price of Canadian Solar Panel

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What Are The Advantages of The Canadian Solar Panel?

Canadian solar company is a one-stop platform for several solar panel systems. It includes budget-friendly, average performing, expensive, excellent-performing Canadian solar panel. The buyer chooses the solar panel as per the budget and performance of the product. Everything that comes with advantages has disadvantages too. Solar panels also have advantages and disadvantages, which are following:

Advantages - Canadian Solar

  • Excellent product performance
  • Budget-Friendly
  • Exceptional product warranty of 25 years
  • More cost-effective than other solar brands in the industry
  • Energy-efficient up to 19 per cent
  • Wide customer base around the world
  • Offer option to use latest solar cell technology
  • Perform excellently at a low cost.

Disadvantages- Canadian Solar

  • Fall in efficiency with time
  • It comes with a high-temperature coefficient

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