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Solar Panel Price Faridabad

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The world is in the surge to use clean energy, and solar panel installation fulfills that. Whether you talk about India or abroad, the solar panel industry has the highest demand. One of the cities in India, Faridabad is a hub for solar panel companies. If you are looking for the solar panel price in Faridabad, ARC Renewables is the leading platform. At ARC Renewables, We offer our clients long-lasting products that follow the utmost quality standards. “Save Electricity Save Life”, we come across this many times but hardly pay attention to it. The phrase tells the essence of saving electricity to make it sustainable. Solar panel installation in Faridabad is a small step towards sustainable living. Also, it is a renewable source of energy that saves us our valuable money flows in paying monthly electricity bills. At ARC Renewables, we make sure that we deliver excellence in our project at an affordable price. With our headquarters based in Gurugram, we offer the best solar panel price in Faridabad, Noida, Delhi, Ghaziabad etc.

Solar Panel Price Faridabad

On grid solar system price in Faridabad
are the following:

On-grid solar systemPrice (all-inclusive)
1 kW₹ 45,000 approximate
2 kW₹ 90,000 approximate
3 kW₹ 1,35,000 approximate
5 kW₹ 2,25,000 approximate
7 kW₹ 3,15,000 approximate
10 kW₹4,50,000 approximate

Off grid solar system price in Faridabad
are the following:

On-grid solar systemPrice (all-inclusive)
1 kW₹ 60,000 approximate
2 kW₹1,20,000 approximate
3 kW₹ 1,80,000 approximate
5 kW₹ 3,00,000 approximate
7 kW₹ 4,20,000 approximate
10 kW₹ 6,00,000 approximate

Hybrid solar system price in Faridabad
are the following:

On-grid solar systemPrice (all-inclusive)
1 kW₹ 65,000 approximate
2 kW₹ 1,30,000 approximate
3 kW₹ 1,95,000 approximate
5 kW₹ 3,25,000 approximate
7 kW₹ 4,55,000 approximate
10 kW₹ 6,65,000 approximate
Advantages of Solar Panel Installation in Faridabad

You get the best solar panel price in Faridabad and several additional benefits that are following:

  • The solar panel converts solar energy to electrical energy that we can use to run appliances, boil water, switch on light etc.
  • Minimize electricity bills as it consumes solar energy and not electricity.
  • Eco Friendly and Pollution less
  • Prevent depletion of non-renewable sources of energy like coal, water etc.
  • Excellent renewable source of energy.
  • Solar panel systems require less maintenance hence saving valuable money.
  • Provides the cleanest energy using natural sunlight.

Subsidy on Solar Panel Price in Faridabad

Recognizing solar panels’ importance in saving non-renewable resources, the Haryana government is also taking the initiative to promote its use. For sustainable use of resources, the Haryana government has begun a scheme. The scheme name is Solar Rooftop Power Plant. Under this project, the Haryana government offer solar systems at an affordable solar panel price in Faridabad.
Who can take its benefits?
● Residential Buildings Owners
● Academic Institutions
● Commercial Buildings
● Social Institutions
● Private Sector
● Industrial Institutions in the state of Haryana.

Despite these advantages, most people are still reluctant to accept solar panels.
The reason is solar panels are not everyone’s cup of tea. It is still an expensive deal for many. That is why the Haryana government started offering a subsidy of 30 per cent on estimated solar panel installation in Faridabad. Not only Haryana but the Indian government offer subsidies of 70 per cent in states like Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir, Uttarakhand. Even farmers can take advantage of various solar panel schemes if they use them for farming. The purpose of the subsidy is to encourage eco-friendly living. Isn’t it excellent to enjoy the cleanest form of energy at a reasonable price? We think yes. It saves almost 90 percent of your electricity bills.
For example If you are currently paying 7 to 8 rs per unit, solar panels can reduce it to Rs 2 per unit.
So, consider a solar panel to run your household appliances.

Why Choose ARC Renewables for Solar Panel Installation in Faridabad?

ARC Renewables is the leading solar panel EPC company that offers solutions within your budget. Our dedicated team continuously works for long-lasting and quality solar panel products. With our widespread reach, we provide various solar panel systems. We can manufacture and deliver solar panel products as per your need. Here are some benefits of availing of solar panel service from us.

  • Guaranteed Exceptional Quality
  • Our product standout on all ISO certifications.
  • Advanced solar panel solution
  • An eco-friendly solar panel system
  • Cost-efficient solar system

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What Services We Offer

Conduct Site Assessment on Your Pace

We understand the value of your schedule, hence conduction site assessment when you are available. Our dedicated team performs the best site assessment for our clients.

Documentation Service for Instant Approval

We strongly believe in saving your valuable time and ensuring effortless documentation for you. It helps us to get approval for the project as soon as possible.

Solar Plant Maintenance Services

Our service does not end with solar plants installation but also offers remarkable maintenance services to our clients. So, you don’t need to worry about how you will maintain a solar panel.

Profound layout and Design of Solar Panels

We want you to get every benefit of solar panel installation, and it depends on its design. With the support of our hardworking team, we offer many options in solar system designs. So, you enjoy the uninterrupted power supply at the ease of sitting on the sofa at your home.

Durable Solar Panel Installation

At ARC Renewables, we know the importance of durability with solar panels. Our team installs solar panels in a way that makes them survive as long as possible.

Keeps an Eye on Solar Panel Functioning

We conduct timely monitoring of the solar panel system to give you the best out of it for a long time. So, you can live an eco-friendly life with our designed solar panel system.

Frequently Asked Questions

The solar panel price in Faridabad and other parts of India depends on the type, location, brand, warranty, and company that offers it.  It comes in various price ranges that start from as low as rs 2000 per Watt. Apart from this, its per watt cost can go as high as the state regulations allow. It mostly depends on its type. There are three types of solar systems: on-grid, off-grid, hybrid. On-grid solar systems cost the cheapest, and hybrid solar systems cost the highest.

You will get a subsidy on solar panel price only when you take services from an Indian manufacturer. Also, it is available on the following only:

  • On-grid and
  • Hybrid solar systems(non-battery) only.

The Haryana government offers a 30 per cent subsidy(on estimated solar panel price in Faridabad) on eligible solar panels.

It takes one or two days to install a solar panel system in Faridabad and Delhi.

Solar panels offer durability up to a maximum of 25 years.

Yes, manufacturers provide you with complete guidance for using the solar panel.

In clear weather conditions, the solar system acts as one of the safest power-producing assets. But it can be dangerous to touch in bad weather conditions like rainy season, lightning and cyclones etc.

The reason is that solar panels do not stop producing power until it remains connected to the solar panel.

The cost of solar panels in India can go as low as rs 2000.

The solar panel system produces direct current by solar energy and transfers it to a solar inverter. In turn, solar inverters convert this current to alternating current and supply it for household use.

Through continuous innovation in solar system design, it became possible to find one that perfectly suits your house.

We continuously work to come up with designs that take less installation time. Also, we take care of the beauty of your house.

It differs from place to place in India. For reference: If you live in Rajasthan and choose solar installation, you will get approx 6.8rs per unit for PV kWh.

An on-grid solar system is a type of solar system that comes with a grid tied to it. It consists of a solar panel, solar connectors, utility grid, solar inverter and other accessories. This system uses a utility grid to store excess power produced throughout the day and use that at night or when there is no sunlight. It also offers you a chance to earn passive income by selling unconsumed energy to the electricity company. You will get it for a reasonable solar panel price in Faridabad.

Solar energy offers various advantages like

  • It offers a heavy saving on monthly electricity bills.
  • It is eligible for subsidy(on-grid and the hybrid solar system only) from the Government.
  • You get tax benefits and income for unconsumed energy(for on-grid solar systems).

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